Custody Rights Expand for Deployed Military

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Custody Rights Expand for Deployed Military

A law that went into effect on July 1, the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act addresses issues of child custody and visitation that arise when parents are deployed in the military or another national service. With several military bases around and near Pensacola, FL. an effort to widen control military service members being deployed have over issues concerning their children is great for those dealing with Family Law issues here in Florida.

This act has been enacted in 13 states and provides more framework for military parents deploying to find agreements for their child’s care. Florida will be the 14th state to take on the new law which allows a deploying person to enter into quick agreements for child time-sharing and custody issues with the other parent. In addition, it allows for timely court hearings to decide settlements if there are disagreements between parents, prohibits the entry of a permanent custody arrangement prior to a deployment, and termination of a temporary agreement when a service member returns.

In addition, the new law allows a person who is deploying to have a broader selection of people who can be given “caretaking” authority over a child where the current law only allows for a designee to be a “family member, step-parent, or relative of the child by marriage,” according to a House staff analysis.

“The bill allows a deployed parent to grant caretaking authority to a nonparent with whom the child has a close positive relationship of substantial duration and depth,” the report states.

The law’s ultimate goal is to empower the deploying parent so that when they deploy, they are not compromising or negatively affecting their relationship with their child.

To read the full bill that took effect, visit the Florida Senate’s page.

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