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Paying attention to client expectations

Have you read enough web pages that are all fluff and buzz words? Maybe they all read alike because they are all written by Market Gurus.

I, Steven W. Bowden, a lawyer with 35 years of experience, wrote the contents of this web page. Almost all of that experience involves depositions, trials, hearings or representing clients in court. This firm represents clients throughout Florida with client contact in person or by email.

If you are in the Military, there are particular things you must know if involved in a court in Florida. This firm has the knowledge and experience required to address the special needs of its Military clients. We have many Military clients since we are located 1 mile outside of Corry Station entrance off New Warrington Rd. and near NAS Pensacola. The firm has also represented service members and spouses stationed on NAS, Pensacola, Hurlburt Field, Fort Walton beach and Eglin Air Force Base among others.

My firm’s practice areas are listed in the menu at the top of the page. The information included on each one is intended to give you a start as to what you need to know regarding each subject matter. Maybe it will help you get through the night or weekend, or save you from making a mistake.

It is written for you. If you need more information, call or make a free appointment to discuss your situation with me. If you come in, I will discuss your problem with you and give you experienced advice regarding the issue and the expectations of what is going to happen next. I won’t tell you “what you want to hear" or offer a low price just to get your business. You may not like what you are told, but it will be realistic and what you need to hear. You will get my best effort, expertise and experience with aggression and maybe a little attitude!My staff will treat you like your Grandmother might. They will listen to you and help you get through tough times in a comforting manner. We make a good team to represent you.

If you need help after reading our practice area content, call or come in. It is FREE for the initial consultation.

Respectfully Yours,
Steven W. Bowden, Esq.

About us

For over 30 years, the firm has handled legal matters in the following practice areas: Family Law, Divorce, Military Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Criminal Law, Sexual Assault, Drug Crimes and Personal Injury.

One thing that almost all of our clients have in common is the stress and anxiety that results from being harassed by creditors, going through a divorce, facing criminal charges, or suffering a personal injury and worrying about whether they can get back to work and continue supporting their families. In addition to providing our clients with quality, professional legal representation, our firm also provides them with the personal attention that they deserve.

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